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Our teams combine their strengths in strategy, digital marketing, media planning and creative to offer a full-service, 360 approach.

Having talented people on our team is one thing. But unless we’re making the most of their skills and expertise, we might as well be working in a vacuum. That’s why we count on them to collaborate, challenge each other and question their own ideas so that, together, we can all take them further.

Combining our in-depth understanding of the consumer with data acquired through research, we’re able to builda solid foundation for innovation for each of our creative efforts. And with our diverse expertise and desire to always go the extra mile, we’ve got what it takes to bring your projects across the finish line.


Strategy is our guiding light. When you work with us, you gain access to a team of senior strategists, meaningful data and custom analysis. But more than this, you benefit from the know-how, attentiveness and extensive industry experience of truly caring and conscientious people. People who don’t just work hard to increase campaign relevance, but who genuinely want to help you meet your business objectives—all while having fun and maintaining meaningful agency-client relationships.

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Digital strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Performance marketing and business intelligence
  • Consumer insight
  • Customer experience


Our media team has one objective in mind, and that’s to make your brand shine wherever your customers are. Whether your target audience is in Quebec, likes sailing more than camping, or works in IT, we can pinpoint their media of choice like nobody’s business. A digital display that uses geo-targeting? A creative TV integration? An unusual radio format? Wherever our creative ideas go, they don’t go unnoticed. When you work with us, you don’t just get what you want, you get what you need: an extensive network and a meticulous approach.

  • Research and analysis
  • Multi-channel strategy and planning
  • Negotiation and purchasing
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Results reporting and analysis


Digital media is constantly evolving, often at breakneck speed. But this only drives our digital team to deliver ever more innovative solutions for our clients. Rest assured, when it comes to making the most of the digital tools available, we’ve got your back. Not only will our expertise help you reach your targets and maximize results, but our experts will also put it all into clear and simple terms you can understand. No jargon or gibberish, just straightforward results based on your business objectives. From planning to execution and everything in between, La Bande’s digital team is a top performer.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Digital presence audit
  • Digital data analysis and business intelligence
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.)
  • B2C and B2B strategy


We tackle concept development with an open mind and an insatiable curiosity, two key components. A recipe for success, it’s how we adapt to your reality and develop creative that is relevant to and resonates with your target audience. Consumer habits come and go, but a great idea changes everything.

Cette recette nous permet de nous ajuster à votre réalité et de développer des visions créatives fortes et pertinentes qui se distinguent auprès des cibles visées. Les habitudes des consommateurs changent, mais les grandes idées font toujours la différence.

  • Advertising (TV, digital, radio, etc.)
  • Tone, language and brand storytelling
  • Brand name and visual identity
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Packaging design
  • Print, digital and audiovisual production
  • Brand activation