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About us

More talent than you can shake a stick at. Communications experts who collaborate openly with clients. Because a business that’s strictly business is no business at all.

We’re a tireless team of enquiring minds, committed to making aspiring talents shine.

Our playground days are long gone, and we’re in the big leagues now. Like a team of seasoned vets with the drive and determination of talentedup-and-comers, we’re always looking to put a pass right on the tape. From the moment you team up with us, you’ll see that we share what we know and know what’s worth sharing.No rookies here. Only all-starplayerswho play with humility.

We’re a tightly knit gang of people who are equal parts creative and clever, and equally willing to collaborate.

    We make no bones about it, we’re always on the lookout for clients who have the wind in their sails and are keen to go faster and further. If you’re in the business of taking the path less travelled, we’re your trusted guide. Always on the hunt for hidden gems, our team knows how to spot a diamond in the rough and make it shine. We’re obsessed with research and understanding human behaviour. And this obsession leads to great ideas.

    Happy employees result in satisfied clients. And vice versa.

    Openly encouraging a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a recipe for creative success. Like a packed stadium doing the wave, it appears effortless. And to ensure we always have the basic ingredients on hand, we make our people our top priority. Because at the end of the day, we know that it pays to take care of what matters most.

    We’re a 100% Quebec agency but we’re surrounded by great neighbours who are always willing to lend a hand.

    We’re a member of tCAN, Canada’s most extensive network of independent agencies.By banding together, we all benefit—to the tune of tons of consumer data and insights fromall economic sectors. To us, it’s like having a national orchestra made up of local bands from every province. And knowing exactly what will strike a chord in each one.